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10 fattening habits to immediately drop

10 fattening habits to immediately drop

Not drinking enough, eating quickly and no exercise are just some of the bad habits that make us gain weight.

You wonder why, even though you are on diet, you do not lose weight but, in fact, you gain it? Probably the diet you follow does not suit you (it happens if you do not rely on a doctor or a nutritionist), or if you keep bad habits that will frustrate your efforts.

For example, eating on the fly, maybe at your desk while working on your computer, does not help. Let’s see what all the bad habits that make you gain weight are.

Fattening habits


1. Eating too much sugar. Fattening foods we can hardly give up are sweets, soft drinks, ice cream, snacks, candy and desserts in general. They all contain refined sugars, which should be replaced with complex carbohydrates, for example the ones contained in whole grain foods.

2. Using too many condiments. It is useless to eat a very healthy salad, if you season it with too much oil, or worse, some kind of sauce. You should never consume more than three tablespoons of extra virgin olive oil per day.

3. Eating in a hurry. You should always eat slowly to facilitate the digestion. Avoid eating on the fly at lunch break while you’re still on the desk.

4. Eating some foods together. There are many healthy foods which can make you gain weight, if eaten together. You should never eat pasta, bread and potatoes in the same meal, because they all are a source of carbohydrates. Make sure to always eat carbs at lunch, for example pasta with vegetables, and proteins at dinner (meat, fish, dairy products).

5. Not exercising. Following a diet it is not enough to lose weight, you also have to exercise. Just walk for thirty minutes every day, if can not go to the gym.

6. Following a too strict diet. Too limiting diets, such as the protein-based one, at the beginning make you lose a lot of weight. However, you will end up gaining it back, because hunger makes you fall into temptation.

7. Watching what others eat. If you go out for dinner with your friends, or your partner eats a lot of junk food, you need to resist and do not fall into temptation!

8. Eating between one meal and another. You should eat 5 meals: breakfast, lunch, dinner and two snacks, one mid-morning and one mid-afternoon. Outside of these meals, you do not have to eat anything!

9. Skipping breakfast. This is the most important meal, because it gives the energy to face the day. Skipping it will not make you lose weight, because at lunch you will be super hungry and will eat too much.

10. Not drinking enough. We should all drink at least a litre and a half of water a day. If you can, try to alternate plain water with herbal teas or flavored waters.


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