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10 foods to boost immunity in winter

Dopamine diet

The best way to boost immunity is to have a healthy diet. Let’s see what are the foods to prefer in winter.

Nutrition and the immune system are closely related. The best way to prevent seasonal ailments is in fact to eat foods rich in vitamins and mineral salts, such as fruit and vegetables: nutrition helps us stay strong and keep our body’s defenses high . During the winter, the risk of contracting respiratory tract infections increases, such as the Covid-19 Coronavirus spread from Wuhan around the world in the first months of 2020.

Let’s see how to strengthen the immune system during the cold season by choosing the right foods!

How to increase the immune system: the best foods

Fruit. Everyone knows that citrus fruits are rich in vitamin C, which is essential in case of low immune defenses . There are many other fruits, however, full of vitamins, which should be consumed in abundance in the cold season. Among these we find apples, kiwis, grapes and bananas.


Vegetables. Bitter vegetables, such as radicchio, chicory and dandelion, are excellent for purifying the body. Orange or red ones, such as beets, carrots, tomatoes, peppers and squash, are important sources of vitamin A, C and beta-carotene .

Garlic. Although many people do not like its taste, garlic should never be missing in winter dishes, because it has antibacterial, antifungal and antibiotic properties , thanks to the presence of sulfur.

Honey. Honey is a powerful natural antibiotic. Added to hot herbal teas, it is excellent for fighting coughs , sore throats and colds.

Legumes. Rich in protein and iron, legumes should be consumed every day, especially in vegetarian and vegan diets.

Spices. Pepper, cloves, ginger and cinnamon are detoxifying, help the body eliminate toxins and are good substitutes for salt.

Mushrooms. In addition to being delicious and very versatile in the kitchen, mushrooms contain beta-glucans, which strengthen the immune system and help prevent infections . According to some studies, they’re also great for preventing cancer.

Yogurt. White yogurt with no added sugar is a source of precious probiotic lactic ferments, which guarantee the proper functioning of the intestine and thus improve the absorption of vitamins.

Green tea. Thanks to theanine, green tea strengthens the immune system, protects against free radicals and purifies the body from waste.

Dark chocolate. The cocoa from which it is obtained contains proteins, B vitamins and mineral salts . It has antioxidant properties, stimulates the production of serotonin and fights the action of free radicals.

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