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10 foods you should not store in the fridge

10 foods you should not store in the fridge

Probably, you also make mistakes when it comes to store your groceries. Did you know these foods should not be kept in the fridge?

When we come back from the supermarket, the first thought is to store correctly our purchases. Therefore, we put a lot of them in the fridge, in order to make them last longer. However, is it actually the right thing to do?

Actually, there are some foods that keep intact their nutritional qualities only if kept outisde the refrigerator. Let’s find out which they are.

Foods you should never keep in the refrigerator

  1. Tomatoes. Low temperatures promote their preservation, but also stop their ripening, changing their flavor and texture. It is better to put them outside, in a clean basket.
  2. Oranges. They are very juicy fruits, therefore it is better to store them at room temperature. In this way, they will be softer and tastier. Instead, low temperatures could alter their citric acid.
  3. Avocado. If you love tropical fruits, remember not to store this one in the fridge. As it comes from very far, avocados are picked unripe. Low temperatures block its ripening, making it dark and soft.
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4. Potatoes. Every kind of this vegetable should be stored in a box, in a dark and dry place, wrapped in paper in order to avoid them to absorb humidity. It is better to keep them in a low place, away from the cooking steam.

5. Garlic and onions. In the fridge, these two foods risk to sprout and spoil quickly. You should store garlic in a drawer, away from humidity. Instead, you can keep your onions outside or next to your window.

6. Basil. You should not store this herb at low temperatures, in order to avoid it to lose its scent. You can either grow it in a little pot or store it in small bunches, in a dry place.

7. Bread. If you store this product in the fridge, first it becomes spongy, then it dries. Therefore, keep it in a cotton bag and you’ll notice the difference!

8. Eggs. Althought some fridges have specific places for them, you should not store your eggs in the refrigerator, because they lose their original flavor. The expiration date is the same: why don’t you try and store them in your pantry?

9. Chocolate. In summer, we keep it in the fridge to avoid meltings. Wrong, because this kind of food quickly loses its flavour. Keep it in your pantry, away from heat.

10. Coffee. Its aroma is divine, and it’s a pity to spoil it. The best thing to do is to keep it away from light and low temperatures.

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