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10 minutes of daily meditation will save our brain!


According to a recent study conducted in Japan, with ten minutes of daily meditation our life will be better.

A japanese study has shown that meditation is able to keep our brain young and in shape. In fact, in order to keep young, as with the practice of physical activity, just ten minutes a day of this meditation daily are enough to keep our brain fit.

The research was conducted by the researchers from the japanese university of Tsukuba. This would have shown how the practice in question would be able to keep our mind active. The same has been demonstrated by numerous other studies conducted at international level. The positive effect of meditation on the brain is the same of the physical activity practiced on a daily basis for our body.

The meditation benefits on the brain and on the mind!

According to the researchers ten minutes per day of this activity, and with some physical training are enough to keep active our brain. This happens because these activities act on hippocampus, the area of the brain responsible for memories. Everything, of course, must be associated with a healthy lifestyle and a correct diet.

The recent study in Japan was published in the scientific journal Pnas. The research used a sample of 36 young adults in good health, which have been subjected to an magnetic resonance imaging after having practiced meditation and physical activity.

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The result would be surprising, in fact, it seems the small daily session had a strong influence on hippocampus and strengthened the activity of the cerebral cortex. It would, therefore, influenced the memory of the short-term, in a positive way.

There remains, therefore, that to spend ten minutes a day to meditate, to liberate us from negative thoughts and have a positive impact on the brain. Then why not take the opportunity to engage in physical activity at the same time? In what way? For example, while practicing yoga: free your mind and you exercise at the same time.

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