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10 mistakes to avoid to reinforce fine hair in a natural way

10 mistakes to avoid to reinforce fine hair in a natural way

Fine hair needs special care. Let’s see what mistakes to avoid in order to strengthen it in a natural way.

People with fine hair know it: it takes very little to ruin it, break it, make it greasy or with no volume. To prevent all of this, it is necessary to avoid some mistakes such using flat irons, using too much conditioner, or choosing the wrong haircut.

Let’s see what the main mistakes damaging hair are and how to strengthen fine hair with natural remedies.

Fine hair: how to strengthen it in a natural way


-Hair health starts from your diet. Eat healthy foods and lots of fruits and vegetables. Make sure you have no deficiencies, and, if necessary, take supplements of vitamins and iron.

Do not use aggressive shampoos, nor a too nourishing one, because it would make it heavy. It is better to choose a neutral and delicate shampoo or one which gives volume.

-Use conditioner only on the tips, from your ears down, in order to untangle the hair without weighing the roots down. The ideal is to choose a light, moisturizing conditioner, and to make a nourishing mask twice a week.

Do not apply too many styling products on your hair. It would immediately become greasy, facilitating its fall.

Do not use flat irons or curling tongs and dry your hair  just with a hair dryer at a medium temperature, without putting it too close to the roots.

-If you go to the swimming pool or at the sea, protect your hair from Sun, chlorine and sea salt with natural oils or specific products.

Avoid silicone-based products, which weigh down hair and suffocate your skin.

Attention to the haircut: for fine hair, choose a short or a medium haircut, slightly layered.

Go regularly to the hairdresser to remove split ends and to fix your haircut.

Do not tie your hair too often and, when you do it, always use a soft hairtie.

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