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10 rules to detox from sugar in a few days

10 rules to detox from sugar in a few days

Ten days are enough to say goodbye to sugar and detoxify your body: here are some rules to follow.

Getting rid of sugar seems a really difficult thing to do. Many processed foods contain it. And yet it is one of the main enemies for your health: it can cause diseases such as diabetes, obesity, heart disease, hyperactivity and much more. In short, consuming sugar does not seem to be a really good idea, but we are too accustomed to it. However, detoxifying your body is not so complicated: you just need to follow some simple rules.

How to eliminate sugar from your diet

Once you decide to detox from sugar, you will need to take into account some difficulties. The hardest part is to understand which are the forbidden foods: sugar is present in different forms in many processed products. Be ready to spend some time studying the labels of the foods you usually buy. Initially, it will take a while but, with practise, you will learn how to shorten this task.

10 rules to detox from sugar in a few days

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Detoxing from sugar: the 10 rules

Now let’s see what are the 10 rules to follow to fight sugar addiction.

1 – Eliminate every source of sugar since the very first day. Just like alcoholics, who can drink not a drop of alcohol when they decide to quit, to get rid of sugar you must give up any product containing sugar.

2 – You especially need to give up on sweet drinks. Your liver absorbs more easily liquid sugar, which ends up quickly in the blood.

3 – Giving up on sugar is also a matter of mindset. When you are stressed, nervous or anxious, you probably want to eat something sweet. It is therefore important to learn how to manage these small crises. Do some deep breathes: not only they relieve tension, but they also boost your metabolism and allow to burn fat faster.

4 – Of course, especially at the beginning, you may experience blood glucose decreases. In those situations, it is easier to fall in temptation. Take always with you some quick, sugarless snack, for example dried fruit.

5 – Live a regular life. It may seem a weird advice, but some studies have shown that going to sleep always at the same hour and sleeping for 8 hours reduce the energy need of our body, which usually manifests with sugar cravings.

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6 – Choose foods rich in proteins. They are more slowly digestible and help you keep your blood glycemic index steady for a longer period of time. So it is okay to eat fish, white meats, eggs, legumes and dried fruit.

7 – Vegetables, fruits, and whole grains are important for their content of fiber and “good” carbohydrates – the complex ones. These foods provide long-release energy and increase satiety.

8 – Consume “good” fats. Yes, giving up on sugar requires to increase the intake of fats in your diet. As long as you choose the good ones, for example those which do not increase the blood cholesterol levels. Among these foods there are extra-virgin olive oil, whole milk, dried fruit, oil seeds, avocado and oily fish.

9 – Prepare your meals at home. If you are the one who chooses the ingredients to use, you will make less effort to avoid products containing sugar.

10 – No one said you have to give up on desserts. You can make a delicious dessert by replacing sugar with sweeteners. For example, cinnamon and vanilla, but also naturally sweet fruit and rice syrup.

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