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10 rules to follow to lose weight … walking!

To walk

To lose weight there is no need to run, just walk a lot (and quickly). Let’s see what are the rules to follow to lose weight walking.

It often happens that we decide to go for a run to lose weight, but very often we give up because it is too tiring or we don’t have time. In fact, you can also lose weight by walking , provided you do it right.

Obviously it is not enough to go around shopping to lose some size, you need to walk briskly for at least 30 minutes a day, but as we will see in our example program, it would be better to dedicate at least an hour a day to this type of training.

In general, then, the ideal is to walk outdoors, in a park , in the countryside or by the sea, but the most important thing is constancy (even if you can train at home comfortably). Let’s see some rules to follow to get results.

Lose weight walking: the training program

We start from a fundamental assumption : it is certainly possible to lose weight by walking 1 hour a day (or half an hour, depending on your availability of time) but this will not happen if you do not combine, in addition to exercise, a correct diet. For this reason we advise you first of all to eliminate alcohol, fried foods, carbonated drinks and sweets, and then to reduce the intake of sugars and saturated fats from your menu; in any case, consult your nutritionist or dietician to determine which diet is right for your body.

To walk
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Once this is done, you can start exercising . But how? The best idea is to build a constant and progressive program, divided into three or four workouts. Let’s see an example and understand how many steps per day you need to do, and for how long:

Week 1 : three daily trainings are scheduled for the first week: do 20 minutes of walking alternating every 5 minutes of sustained walking with one of normal walking.

Week 2 : nothing changes, except that the 5 minutes begin to increase and become 6/7.

Week 3 : always 3 training sessions, but this time there will be 10 minutes of brisk walking, 2 of cool-down and again 10 sustained.

Week 4 : the last week of the first month of training is the first week in which the minutes of slow fatigue walking disappear. There are therefore 3 walking workouts supported by 20 minutes each.

This program can also be maintained for week 5, after which time should be increased, or a fourth 20-minute workout should be included. Then arrived at the 12th week , the ideal training would consist of 4 walking sessions of 30 minutes each.

Once the 12th week is over, the thing to do is to try to maintain the consistency reached , and if you want and have time you can also gradually increase the time of each session (maybe 2 minutes a week more).

One last note: clearly it is also possible to lose weight by walking 30 minutes a day, but by reducing your training you will clearly have to wait more time for the results. Again the advice is to be divided initially workouts and try to reach a rapid pace gradually, and once done, to keep it.

Consume calories while walking: the tips to follow

Now that we have seen an example of a program, let’s find out some tips that will help you train properly, and also some little secrets to make the sessions lighter and more fun:

• First choose the right time : according to some, the ideal would be in the morning, but it is also good in the evening after work or after dinner. The important thing is that it does not become a stress to find time.

• Walking in company is better : time runs faster, also being able to chat, but with a slight breath, is a great way to understand that the intensity is right.

• Nobody can keep you company? Bring headphones and listen to your favorite music , but watch out for obstacles!

• To stimulate all the muscles of the body, alternate flat and uphill sections .

• When walking, it is essential to move your arms rhythmically back and forth in the opposite direction.

• If you are on a beach holiday, walk barefoot in the water on the shore . It will help improve circulation and defeat cellulite.

• The pace to be kept must be fast and sustained, in short and not long steps .

• It is very important to place your foot correctly : first the heel and then the sole.

• When you are fit enough, take a few minutes of light running to walk.

• Try to walk at least three times a week . When you can’t, walk to work and take the stairs instead of the elevator.

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