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In or houses there are a lot of things we should clean, but we forget to. They collect dust, germs and bacteria…

Even if we spend a lot of time cleaning every corner of our house, there is always something we forget. In general, they are ornaments placed not in plain sight, or on the contrary, so visible that we completely forget we need to clean them.

From the lamp on your night stand to your wall light, here a list of then 10 objects we forget to clean more often.

What do you forget to clean?

1. Table lamp. It collects a lot of dust and bacteria. What we often forget to clean is its structure. Use a cloth and a mix of water and vinegar to solve the problem.

2. Wall lamp. They collect dust and bugs. Most of them are open, so they are even dirtier. At least once a month, remove them from the wall to deeply clean them.

Photo source: https://pixabay.com/it/igiene-male-asciugamano-bagno-3254675/

3. Chandelier. We often forget about it. You should regularly clean it, in order to avoid mites and bacteria which you can breath while sleeping or resting.

4. Toothbrush holder. If you forget about it, it turns black. Moreover, those made of plastic absorb mold and smell bad.

5. Radiators. If you neglect them for a lot of time, they can be very hard to clean. In order to remove dust, use a mix of water and vinegar when they’re turned off.

6. Baseboards. We often forget about it when we’re washing the floor. However, its upper edge collects a lot of dust and dirt.

7. Paintings. They need to be dusted and polished. Pay attention to wooden or silver frames: they need specific care.

What to clean in the kitchen?

8. Trashcans. You should wash and disinfect them once a week. Instead, you should clean your wet waste garbage cans even twice a week.

9. Extractor fan. Clean its rack with water, lemon and vinegar to eliminate grease.

10. Oven and microwave. Remove the grease and polish their surfaces every time you use them or you drop food residues on them.

Photo source: https://pixabay.com/it/igiene-male-asciugamano-bagno-3254675/

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