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10 tips to get you started on your day

10 tips to get you started on your day

How to start a good day: from listening to relaxing music to eating healthy food to stimulate positive thinking.

You should start your day in the same way you want it to go on. A healthy breakfast and some exercising are just two good habits to start your day. Each of us has its own rhythms in the morning. There are people who wake up alla jaunty and full of energies and those who, instead, needs half an hour or even longer to properly wake up.

Managing to adjust your sleep-wake rhythm is definitely another good habit that will let you find your mind and body balance. Here are the top 10 tips to get your day started well and to be full of energy.

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10 tips to start your day better

1. If you want to start your day in the right way, it is important to sleep at least 7 hours. At night, your body relaxes and recharges to be at your best the next day.

2. In the morning, listen to some music. There are people who prefer soft rhythms and those who, instead, like more bold and vibrant sounds. If you have get annoyed and lose patience easily, the ideal is to listen to relaxing music, such as sounds of nature or new age genres. If, instead, you need the right help to start your day, choose rock or pop.

3. Another valuable suggestion is having a mental plan, that is organizing your thoughts for a good day start. Think about what you need to do while you make breakfast and when you are still half asleep. After you get up, write down your priorities of the day.

4. Just after you get out of bed, open the windows. Keep them open for about 20 minutes while you’re in the room, in order to guarantee air renewal.

5. For a good day start, breakfast is essential. Having the right amount of nutrients will help you to be energetic and mentally fresh. Choose yogurt, fresh cheeses, cereals and fruits, but avoid sweets rich in fats. You can also eat cold cuts, for a proper protein intake.

6. Exercising for a while helps reactivating your circulation. Just five minutes of stretching before breakfast will make you feel amazing.

7. More determined people can also run for about fifteen minutes before breakfast.

8. A short regenerating shower will help you start your day in a better way. Do not stay under the running water for too long, or you will relax too much!

9. If you do not eat at home, always bring a snack or a lunch box with you. Knowing what you will eat during the day will make you stay more relaxed, without thinking about not having enough time for your lunch break.

10. Finally, do something you love. For example, read a book, spend more time for your body care, meditate or have a walk with your dog.

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