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10 useful herbs to lower your cholesterol levels

10 useful herbs to lower your cholesterol levels

Let’s see what the best herbs to lower your cholesterol levels are and how to use them to prepare delicious infusions.

High cholesterol levels are a problem you should not underestimate. An excessive accumulation of fat in the blood can lead to heart and circulatory disorders, such as heart attacks. It is almost always necessary to take medications. However, it can be useful to use some herbs to lower the cholesterol levels, such as basil, green tea and fenugreek. Let’s see how to lower cholesterol levels with natural remedies, as our grandmothers did.

Herbs to lower cholesterol levels

erbe per abbassare il colesterolo

1. Basil. This very fragrant herb is good for lowering cholesterol levels. Basil can be added raw to pasta, pizza or salads. You can also use it to make pesto sauce or herbal teas. For its infusion, boil a cup of water, let infuse a tablespoon of fresh basil for 15 minutes, then filter and drink.

2. Canary grass. This plant, other than lowering bad cholesterol levels, also stimulates weight loss. You can make a herbal tea by putting a tablespoon of its seeds in a cup of boiling water for 10 minutes.

3. Green tea. Green tea is a powerful antioxidant which cleanses the liver and lowers cholesterol levels. The procedure to make it is the same as black tea, but the water should not be hot (around 70°). Moreover, it should be left to infuse for three minutes, to prevent it from becoming bitter.

4. Rooibos. Also known as red tea, it is a concentrate of vitamin C and mineral salts. It stimulates digestion and helps fighting against cholesterol. It should be drunk on its own, without sugar or lemon.

5. White tea. This is the most valuable variety of teas and the most effective way to fight cholesterol. To prepare it, use warm water (80° degrees) and let it infuse for 2-5 minutes.

6. Amaranth. The seeds and leaves of this plant are very effective against cholesterol. You can add the seeds to your salad and use the leaves for a tea (a handful of leaves for each cup of water).

7. Dandelion. This flower lowers cholesterol levels and cleanses the liver. Prepare an infusion by boiling a handful of this herb for each cup of water for 5 minutes. Let it cool and then filter.

8. Fenugreek. The infusion of fenugreek reduces blood triglyceride levels. Make an infusion with a teaspoon of seeds per cup. Then, filter before drinking it.

9. Tamarind. The fruit of the tamarind tree, besides being very tasty, lowers cholesterol. You can eat it plain, or use it to prepare an infusion.

10. Garlic. Garlic is very good to clear the arteries. It should be eaten raw or boiled to prepare a herbal tea. However, it can be difficult to drink, if you don’t like its taste.


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