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10 valuable tips for keeping fit in the summer

Keep fit in the summer

Between relaxing on the beach and ice cream, it’s easy to gain weight. Let’s see what are the rules to follow to keep fit in the summer.

Before the summer, everyone takes care to lose a few pounds before the fateful costume test . However, it is not always possible to lose a lot of weight, but in any case there is a certainty: at the end of the summer we find ourselves more out of shape than before!

Of course, because on holiday the temptations are many: ice cream, slush, aperitifs on the beach … and lots of relaxation under an umbrella. By following a few simple rules , however, you can keep fit even in the summer. Here are some tips.

Keeping fit: in the summer it is possible … thanks to 10 tips

Having a balanced physical shape is a good and healthy thing … even in summer. Here are 10 ways to do it:

-To keep fit, just walk briskly for 40 minutes a day, maybe on the beach in the early morning.

Keep fit in the summer
Keep fit in the summer

Swimming is also a great way to burn fat and train your muscles, so take advantage of it both at sea and in the pool.

-The bicycle is a real cure-all: use it to go to work or even just for an evening walk.

-There are some muscle exercises that don’t need tools and therefore can be done at home . A few examples? Abs, squats and push-ups . Practice them every morning.

-Although yoga is great to stretch and strengthen the muscles. If you can, practice it on the beach at first light in the morning.

-As for nutrition, it is necessary to abandon aperitifs and dinners outside , or at most limit them to twice a week , on the weekend.

-If you can’t give up the restaurant, choose healthy and fresh food, avoiding fried foods , cold cuts and fatty condiments . Better grilled fish, seasonal vegetables and salads.

– Hungry mid-morning and mid-afternoon? Eat a fruit, smoothie or fruit juice with no added sugar.

-The alternative to ice cream? Greek fat-free yogurt , with pieces of fresh fruit, pure dark chocolate and dried fruit.

-Better to reduce the consumption of carbohydrates , in favor of proteins. So yes to lean meat like chicken and turkey, blue fish, light dairy products and eggs.

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