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10 ways to have natural long nails

Long nails

Having natural, strong and healthy long nails is difficult, but not impossible. Let’s find out how to do it with natural remedies!

We would all like to have long natural nails, without resorting to gel reconstruction, but it is not always easy. In fact, often, very long nails break and crumble.

Being able to keep your nails long and healthy , however, is not impossible, just follow some simple precautions. Let’s see how to grow and how to care for nails in a natural way!

How to have long natural nails

1. Fill up on vitamins. To have very long and strong nails it is essential to have a varied and healthy diet, avoiding deficiencies in vitamins and mineral salts. If that’s not enough, you can use multivitamin supplements .

2. Don’t bite your nails. Maybe it’s obvious, but I’ll say it anyway: do not rosicchiarti nails, otherwise not only will always remain short, but will weaken.

3. Do a manicure every week . Nail care is very important. Get a manicure once a week, either alone or at the beautician.

4. Do not abuse nail polish and acetone. Doing a manicure does not mean always putting on nail polish. The continuous use of nail polish and solvents, in fact, damages and weakens the nails. Try to leave them natural and as much as possible.

5. Use olive oil. Olive oil is great for strengthening nails. Apply a drop to each nail every night and massage until the oil is absorbed. Then, once a week, let your nails soak for a quarter of an hour in a mix of olive oil and lemon juice.

6. Protect your nails. To have long natural nails it is also important to avoid contact with aggressive detergents and cleaners . When doing housework, always use rubber gloves.

7. Shorten them with the file. Even if you want to grow your nails, you need to regularly shorten them to get rid of the damaged part. Do not use the nail clippers or scissors , which could flake them, better the file.

8. Don’t forget the base polish. Before applying color polish, apply a strengthening and protective base polish to your nails.

9. Always use the cream. To prevent your nails and skin from drying out, apply a moisturizer several times a day.

10. Choose the right shape. Long nails are fragile, so it’s important to choose a shape that doesn’t make them even more delicate . The best is the squoval one, that is square, but with slightly rounded corners.

How to have long pointed nails

Now that you have super long and well manicured nails, you can also make some fantastic pointed nails, also called stiletto . They are often made for special occasions, to amaze and create surprising looks: here’s how!

Long pointed nails
Long pointed nails

-Use a more resistant and hard file than the usual one: you will have to work with more care and attention, but also with a lot of patience!

-Once you have obtained it, file the nail alternating right and left side to avoid any asymmetries .

-Obviously, the more you file, the more you will accentuate the tip effect, so be careful to stop in time and once you have reached the ideal shape, repeat for each nail.

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