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In 2019, fashion wants you to brush your hair and cover it with gel, for a wet and chic look. This trend brings us back to the 1980s!

What was the only thing you could not give up in the 1980s? Hair gel! It is now all the rage again to make us feel like we’re in Grease. Helmut Newton took pictures of some top models with this look, making them become the beauty icons of the moment.

So pay attention, because now it’s time to comb your hair backwards and add gel, for a chic and wet effect.

This fluid texture was all the rage also on the most famous Fashion Week catwalks. Obviously, it will be on fashion in spring and summer. Let’s find out everything you need to know about this new look!

Hair gel is back: try this fashionable look!

Hairstylists used to use gel to create androgynous looks, but it is now completely feminine! It is a wet look, perfect for every occasion! It is especially suitable for professional appointments, but also if you love street style.

Photo source: https://www.instagram.com/elle_italia/?

Hair gel not only creates the looks we all know, but it is also perfect to fix updos and ponytails, another seasonal trend. There is just one fundamental rule: do not overdo it!

Stefano Cappelletti, Jean Louis David’s hairstylist, explained: “People with short hair should use the same amount of gel of a 5 cent coin. Double it for medium hair and triple the quantity for long hair. This is valid for all types of gel”.

How do you apply gel in 2019? Start by heating it up on your fingertips. If you have short hair, you should apply it only with your hands. Instead, for medium and long hair, you should use a damp comb.

Photo source: https://www.instagram.com/elle_italia/?

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