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2022 is in Very Peri: Pantone has chosen the super trendy shade of the year

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An intriguing and relaxing color is born from the mix of red, blue and purple: welcome to Very Peri, the Pantone 2022 color.

Some stars had anticipated it surprisingly or perhaps with a certain awareness – we know that in the Olympus of VIPs, previews and rumors run with a certain speed – but now that you know it too, don’t let yourself be caught unprepared, because Pantone has chosen its trendy color of 2022 . It is called Very Peri, a mix of blue, red and purple that at first glance we not only like it very much and we are already dreaming how to combine it, but given its blue component it also has something soothing that already leads us to dream about next season summer.

Very peri, the new Pantone color that we will wear in the spring / summer 2022 anticipated by Lady Gaga

Considering the boom of unicorn style pastel colors and the great exploit of lilac, it must be said that the choice of Very Pery for Pantone is almost a natural landing. The most trusted color institute chose this number 17-3938 for its joyful attitude which, as the Pantone Color Institute explained on the website, encourages creativity and imaginative expressiveness . In fact, in this color we find the latest trends in terms of nuances of recent years, which have favored with their shades a reference to a fairy tale world but also a bit dystopian, and is already present in many spring / summer 2022 collections.

And speaking of fairy tales and fairy tale dresses, in fact, who came closest to wearing the 2022 trend nuance already was Lady Gaga : do you remember the wonderful Gucci dress worn at the Premiere of the House of Gucci film? Gaga’s is certainly a darker shade, but it is very close to the typology and it must be a color that she really likes, if we think that we have also seen her wear it on other occasions in the period of the great success of the film A star is born .

Original and intriguing: how to combine the new Pantone color of 2022

The color in question is certainly not a basic nuance, and it is natural to wonder how to make it versatile without being forced to wear it only on sporadic occasions in the next summer season. Some ideas can of course already steal from Lady Gaga, whose look confirms that black suits us perfectly, but also from Pantone itself that on social media posts dedicated to color, also supports a mix of shades that we can match.

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– If black can prove to be the best choice to create basic looks, to create something more sophisticated, blue, pink, and gray seem to give us that a little bit post punk, a little romantic in a revised and corrected version, which we read between the lines in the Pantone posts, which sees a strong contemporaneity in this color. But a sample of how wonderful the Very Pery is undoubtedly anticipated by Alberta Ferretti , presenting on the catwalk for the spring / summer 2022 season, one of the most beautiful cocktail dresses of the season, mixing the new Pantone color also with green . Another nuance with which we can combine it for a jaunty but also daily look .

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