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3 beauty apps that will change your life

3 beauty apps that will change your life

Do you need help in choosing your new hair color or you need some beauty advice? Here are the beauty apps you must have on your smartphone!

Even smartphones can be fundamental for beauty addicts. On the different stores, you can find different beauty apps that you can easily download for free. They will not only help you be up-to-date about the last trends, but also will give you advice, tutorials and beauty hacks! Let’s find out the best 3 beauty apps!

The best 3 choices

Musely. This app is rich of beauty advice and secrets. Moreover, Musely helps us finding any product we need, from makeup to skincare ones. Download the app and you will see the different categories: skin, body, makeup, nails and hair! Not only you can enjoy beauty secrets, but also you can use the online shop to buy the most interesting products!

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Cute. This is perhaps the most downloaded app of the moment. Cute is an online outlet shop! You can find any type of product, from creams to makeup to perfums, but also hair accessories and much more! Why is it different from the other online shops? Well, other than being free, Cute also helps you find the best products with amazing prices, with 90% of discount!

Hair Color Modiface. If you want to change your hair color but you still cannot decide which one, you can try online. With Hair Color Modiface you can understand in an easy and quick way if that is the right look for you. You just need to upload a selfie, then you can change your hair color with the one you most like! Thanks to this app, you will not have any doubt when you will ask your hairdresser to change your color!

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