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3 simple steps to increase self-esteem and feel happier and more confident

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The best tips to increase self-esteem and have more self-confidence: here’s how to be happy and always feel appreciated!

How to increase self-esteem? This is one of those questions that everyone in life asks for good or bad, even if it is kept hidden. A bad situation or lack of affection can be among the causes that lead to having little respect for oneself. The lack of security should not, however, make us think that we are not strong or that we are not important: each of us in his own small way is important to someone and can make a difference.

To be able to feel safer, we must start with ourselves . Think of all the good and positive things you have done in life both for yourself and for others and focus on this: sometimes it is helpful and supportive without even realizing it .

3 tips to improve self-esteem

Respect for oneself is the first starting point for improving self-esteem. Do not be discredited or influenced by the thought of people who in an unintelligent way denigrate you or do not appreciate you. For example, if your work is not appreciated, think about how much effort and professionalism you have put into it. Do a self-analysis and objectively reflect on whether and what you can improve on. Do not, however, be convinced that you have no value because each of us must be respected.

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Get involved and don’t let yourself go into a sedentary lifestyle . Although it may seem like a risky choice, it is actually a great test for yourself . Throw yourself into a situation and don’t be afraid to say or do something. You have your own thinking and knowledge as well as others. Talk to colleagues and friends and if a convivial situation is proposed, don’t back down. For example, join a dinner with friends or an aperitif with colleagues.

Give yourself a gift . Treat yourself to a small purchase or a whim that can make you happy. Don’t wait for someone else to give you something. For example, buy a dress you’ve always wanted or go with a friend to a wellness center and take away the stress.

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