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4 advice to make your tan stand up

4 advice to make your tan stand up

Colorful clothes, the right makeup and a vivid manicure: here are 4 easy recommendations to make your tan stand up!

In summer, we just want a long-lasting, homogeneous tan. Of course, this means we also need to protect our skin, in order to avoid inflammations, reddenings and other problems. After a few days on the beach, we also want our tan to stand up: it is not difficult, you just need the right advice in order to show off your amazing tanned skin!

How to make your summer skin stand up

  • Colorful clothes. From white to coral red, there are a lot of colors that can help you show off your tan. You do not need to wear them all together. A simple white dress, or a yellow top and a jeans can make the difference. Instead, if it is an important event, a red dress is just what you need.
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  • Makeup with warm colors. Choose shiny and warm-colored eyeshadows to highlight your tanned face. The best ones are golden, bronze and copper. Lipstick is also fundamental: choose pinky shades and avoid too dark products!
  • Body oil. Apply this product just before getting dressed. It will make your skin shiny and, as a consequence, your tan will stand up! However, do not use it on your face, especially if you have an oily skin. If you do not like body oil, as an alternative you can choose a moisturizing cream or a dry one. The latter product does not make you feel greasy and your skin will easily absorb it.
  • Colorful manicure. Our hands must also show off their tan. Therefore, choose lively manicures and colors like yellow, pink or violet. Instead, if you do not like it, you can opt for nude nails: it will be perfect with your tan!

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