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4 grandma’s remedies to get rid of stretch marks

Stretch marks

Let’s see how to eliminate stretch marks and prevent their appearance with the natural remedies that our grandmothers used!

Stretch marks affect many people, both women and men. These are streaks, similar to scars, that appear on the skin, first red and then white, when the fabrics are not elastic enough to withstand sudden changes in weight . Most often they appear during pregnancy, puberty or following a crash diet. Unfortunately, being completely similar to scars , it is difficult to eliminate stretch marks entirely, but it is possible to prevent their appearance and improve their appearance, making them almost invisible.

So let’s see how to remove stretch marks with natural remedies!

How to get rid of red stretch marks

Red stretch marks are the fresh ones, just appeared and therefore easier to remove. The most effective natural remedies to make them disappear before they turn white are:

Stretch marks
Stretch marks

olive oil , to be massaged every day on damp skin after a shower or bath, as our grandmothers did. Olive oil contains vitamin E, with a regenerating and elasticizing power. Plus, it’s quite cheap and easy to find, we all have it at home.

Sweet almond oil , also to be massaged on damp skin every day, both to prevent the appearance of new stretch marks and to improve the appearance of those already present. It is especially recommended for pregnant women and all those who have very delicate skin .

shea butter . Used daily, it makes the skin softer, more elastic and toned. You can easily find it in perfumery and herbal medicine, but check the ingredients carefully: it must be pure and without additives !

How to get rid of white stretch marks

Getting rid of white stretch marks is difficult, if not impossible . The only thing to do is to exfoliate the skin and moisturize it constantly, to make it less visible. Also, keep in mind that the more you tan, the more visible they will be because the skin will darken, but stretch marks won’t.

An excellent natural scrub to smooth the skin is the one based on coffee, cocoa and coconut oil. Mix some coffee grounds, cocoa powder and coconut oil, until you get a cream that is neither too dry nor too liquid and use the scrub in the shower twice a week. Do not forget, then, to moisturize your skin every day, preferably with one of the oils already recommended for red stretch marks.

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