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4 grandma’s remedies to remove stretch marks

4 grandma's remedies to remove stretch marks

How to remove  and prevent stretch marks with natural remedies handed down by our grandmothers!

Stretch marks affect many people, both men and women. They are strips that appear on the skin, first red and then white, when the tissues are not enough elastic to withstand sudden changes of weight. Stretch marks very often appear during pregnancy, puberty, or following a crash diet. They are similar to scars and, unfortunately, difficult to completely remove. However, you can prevent them and to improve their appearance, making them almost invisible.

Let’s see how to remove stretch marks with natural remedies.

How to remove red stretch marks

Eliminare le smagliature

Red stretch marks are “fresh”, recently appeared, and then easier to remove. The most effective natural remedies to make them disappear before they become white are:

olive oil: massagie it every day on damp skin after a shower or bath, as our grandmothers did. Olive oil contains vitamin E, which has regenerating and elasticizing efficacy. Also, it is pretty cheap and easy to find, everyone has it at home;

sweet almond oil: massage it on damp skin every day, both to prevent new stretch marks and improve the appearance of those already present. It is especially recommended for pregnant women and to people with sensitive skin;

shea butter. Used daily, it makes the skin soft, elastic and toned. It is easy to find in beauty and herbalist’s shops, but you should check the ingredients: it must be pure and without additives!

How to remove white stretch marks

Removing white stretch marks it is difficult, if not impossible. The only thing to do is to exfoliate your skin and keep it hydrated, to make them less visible.

You can make a great natural scrub to smooth your skin with coffee, cocoa, and coconut oil. Mix coffee grounds, cocoa powder and coconut oil until you get a not too dry nor too liquid cream. Use this scrub while showering twice a week. Do not forget to moisturize your skin every day, better if with oils recommended for red stretch marks.


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