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4 myths to debunk about depilation

4 myths to debunk about depilation

There are four myths to dispel about depilation. From ingrowing hairs to tan loss, let’s find out which ones they are!

There are a lot of doubts for what concerns depilation, such as different theories and false myths which nowadays are taken for granted. For example, the idea that shaving with a razor makes your hairs grow faster, or that depilation makes you lose your tan quicker. Let’s dispel some myths about depilation!

Depilation: 4 false myths

1. Shaving with a razor makes your hairs grow tougher. Probably, it is one of the most common ideas. A lot of people believe razors is to blame for ingrown and tough hairs. Wrong! The growth and thickness of the hair depends only on genetics!

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2. Depilation causes ingrown hairs. If this happens, you need a scrub. Before removing your hairs, you should scrub your legs to eliminate dead cells. If you skip this step, ingrown hairs can happen!

3. It is dangerous to remove your hairs every day. It depends from your hair growth. However, doing it every day is not harmful! In fact, it is the right way to keep your skin soft, healthy and not inflamed, if you use the right products! With great care, you can remove your hairs every day!

4. Removing hairs eliminates your tan. Don’t worry! You can remove your hairs without eliminating your tan. Instead, depilation gets rid of dead cells: right after, you tanned skin will be even shinier!

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