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40 years of Emporio Armani: the perfect balance between casual and elegance from Summer touch 2022

Milan Fashion Week

A summer with bright colors, iridescent fabrics and more than ever light and multi-ethnic: it is the spring / summer 2021 dreamed of by Emporio Armani.

40 years and not to hear them, those completed by Emporio Armani, the brand of King Giorgio with the iconic eagle, which has always offered a lesson in how urban, casual and elegant are three souls that can happily coexist together. And in this anniversary collection that on the occasion of Milan Fashion Week 2021 told us about spring / summer 2022 , the keystone of the brand has always remained the same: the careful and refined choice of fabrics.

Fluidity of the cut and softness, this is how Emporio Armani talks to us about the summer to come, mixing male and female cuts – the same yarn in fact presents both collections – and underlines how personality and strong identity is the first language to which fashion he needs to rely on himself to fully express himself.

Emporio Armani spring / summer 2022: a multi-ethnic look

And if fabrics are the keystone, how can we not look to other cultures, to the possibility of bringing together common points and differences by mixing garments of different origins, ” letting oneself be influenced by the signs and traces of distant cultures, to contextualize them in a wardrobe from urban flavor , this is the spirit that guided King George, summarized in a caption on Instagram. The 40 years of Emporio Armani celebrate this multi-ethnic look .

It all begins with a journey that starts in an imaginary desert, where you cross its oases and blend with its lively colors, in a totally free way: this is the incipit and the main theme of the show that saw neutral colors coexist. and desert basics – beige, mud and their respective shades – and the iridescent ones, those that the sun between reality illusion to give to those who go into lands that know of precious stones and spices. Sequins are also the protagonists, in full harmony with the fabrics, softened by their eccentricity and appear on the horizon almost like a natural metamorphosis of the fabric that hosts them.

The key looks and inspo accessories from the spring / summer 2022 fashion show

Emporio Armani summer is a play of overlapping fabrics with a see-through effect, between contrasts of colors and textures: whether at the seaside or in the city, next summer we play with layers, especially in the evening, maxi t-shirts in transparency can go very well with tops and sultan trousers with a nude texture. Among the colors, blue, white and red will be must-haves of the next summer palette, determined to dominate our inspo looks .

For the evening looks, the undisputed protagonists of the collection are emerald green and bright blue , which animated fluid and dynamic caftan dresses with an Arabic cut . However, the looks of the men’s wardrobe have not escaped us, from which we can steal some ideas: the colored caftan suits with a more double texture can be a pleasant alternative to the classic ceremonial looks.

The perfect summer accessory stands out but not too much, such as the bon bon sequins in three, medium-length necklaces with minimal shapes, never too whimsical or voluminous: in fact, in the hot season one loves to breathe a deep sense of freedom starting from own body.

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