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5 activities to try with your dog

Activities with the dog is a great way to stay in shape and at the same time have fun. Let’s see what are the activities and sports listed.

Train times can be really boring, especially when you are alone, know that. However, if you have a four-legged friend, you do not need to force a two-legged to come with you: do sport with the dog is one of the most beautiful and inspiring ever!

Of course, you have to choose the right thing, that is pleasing not only to you but also to your dog. It is also crucial to start exercising in a gradual manner and without haste, especially if the dog in question is still a puppy. The benefits are many: companionship of an animal not only makes the workout more varied and effective, but is also good for the mood (never heard of pet teraphy?). We see, then, what are the best sports to do together.

Activities with your dog: the best

allenarsi con il cane

Running with the dog. Run with the dog on a leash is a great way to keep both fit.! Be careful, though: just like humans, dogs also need a bit of time to pick up the pace and not too much strain on the heart and muscles. Start by alternating ten-minute walk to five of the race for twenty minutes per day and then as the weeks pass, you can increase the timing of the stroke and to decrease those of the walk, coming to forty minutes of training in total. If you see that the dog becomes tired, let him rest, don’t strain and remember to always make it drink.

Walk simple. If you or your dog or both you can run, just brisk walking every day with constancy. Just half an hour to feel the first benefits.

Walk with carry. A type of walk is more stimulating is that with the swap: bring with you a ball or toy and toss it to your dog every so often, while you exercise. It is a great way to make it run, without that effort too.

Dog-cross. The Dog-cross is a sport that is little known in Italy, that is inspired by the summer training for the sled dogs. Involves being towed by your dog using a special harness, tied by a rope to the belt of the master. Of course, running is not only the dog but also the owner!

Excursions. If you live in the mountains or in the countryside, take advantage of sunny days to take long hikes in the company of your dog.



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