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5 activities to workout with your dog

5 activities to workout with your dog

Exercising with your pet is a nice way to keep fit and have fun. Let’s see the best activities and sports.

Workouts can be really boring, especially we you are alone. However, if you have a pet, you can bring it with you! Exercising with your dog is one of most beautiful things in the world!

Of course, you need to choose the right activity, one that your pet will like too. Moreover, it is fundamental to start working out slowly, especially if your dog is still a puppy.

There are thousands of benefits: your dog’s company will improve not only your workout, but also your mood (have you ever heard about pet therapy?). Let’s see the best sports to do together with your dog!

The best activities to do with your dog

Running with your dog. This activity is the best way to keep both fit! However, be careful: just like humans, dog need some time to adjust to the rhythm and cannot strain their muscles and heart too much. Start by walking for ten minutes, then running for 5 for 20 minutes every day. With time, you can increase the running time and decrease the walking one. If your dog is tired, let is rest, do not strain it and always remember to let it drink.

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Simple walk. If you, your dog or both of you cannot run, just walk fast every day. You just need 30 minutes to start feeling the first benefits.

Walking and taking objects back. This is a more lively activity. Carry a ball or a toy and toss it for your dog while you workout. It is a good way to make it run, without straining it too much.

Canicross. This sport is inspired to the summer training for sled dogs. You need to wear a special belt and secure there your dog’s leash and harness. In this way, not always your dog will run, but you will also be forced to do the same!

Excursions. If you live on the mountains or in the countryside, you can make long hikes together with your dog!

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