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5 beauty secrets you absolutely need to know

5 beauty secrets you absolutely need to know

There are some things you absolutely need to know… just like these beauty secrets that will change your life!

When we talk about “beauty routine”, it looks like a new world: there are many things we know but also a lot of stuff we do not. We found out that face cream can not be used around our eyes, we learned  what are the natural remedies against dry skin, we understood that aloe gel is a must-have product in our beauty case... yet, there is something we missed. You too can not wait to know what the other beauty secrets are? Let’s find out now!

5 beauty secrets you need to know

-Eliminate dark circles with a spoon. Maybe you have seen people doing it in movies, but does it really work? It seem so: after a sleepless night, put the spoon for a while on your eyes. This could reduce the swelling and therefore eliminate dark circles! This is a beauty secret you must absolutely know before resorting to your beloved concealer…

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-Palm oil for your hair. Everyone is trying to avoid it ( “without palm oil” has become almost mandatory now), and yet it canbe an intimate friend for your hair. Brazilian women use it to nourish their hair and accelerate its growth. Warm it in baine-marie and let it sit on your hair for one night.

-Put lipstick and face cream in the fridge. In order to keep their best properties, our favourite lipstick and our face cream must be stored in the fridge! It should become a habit.

-Put conditioner on your legs before hair removal. How many times have you shaved your legs with a razor and, immediately after, your skin got irritated? Razors are no friend of our skin, but if you use precautions, this could change. What should you do to avoid irritation? Other than a good homemade scrub, use your hair conditioner! It makes the skin smoother and prepares it for the shaving: the result will be more than wonderful… we can not do without it anymore!

-Use vinegar for shiny nails. Egyptian women do this: with a sponge, they put some vinegar on their nails to make them shine and super bright for many days!

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