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5 foods that are good for the intestinal flora

Intestinal bacterial flora

Nutrition is essential for having a healthy intestine: let’s find out which are the best foods to rebalance the intestinal bacterial flora.

Not all bacteria are dangerous for our health. Inside the intestine, for example, there are several very important types, which are used for the proper functioning of our body . When the intestinal flora is damaged, we are more at risk of contracting diseases and infections. That is why we must make sure that we protect the “good” bacteria that help us feel good. Let’s find out which are the best foods, from this point of view.

What is the intestinal flora for?

The bacteria present in our intestine protect us from many diseases, as well as promote digestion and regulate intestinal transit. The delicate balance of bacterial flora can be altered in many ways: improper nutrition, the intake of antibiotics and some infections can cause dysbiosis.

Often, to restore the normal bacterial flora , it can be useful to take lactic ferments – which doctors recommend to support any antibiotic therapy. In other cases, it is sufficient to adopt a particular diet to ensure that the “good” bacteria return to proliferate and defend us from external attacks . What are the foods that are good for the bacterial flora?

Intestinal bacterial flora
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Gut bacterial flora: what to eat

Let’s start with some general tips for preserving the health of our intestines. It is essential to follow a varied and balanced diet , rich in foods rich in fiber (in particular vegetables, fruit and legumes). Avoid fatty, refined and packaged foods as much as possible, preferring whole foods .

It is also good to reduce (or completely eliminate) the consumption of alcohol and tobacco , as well as pay attention to the inappropriate use of drugs. Stress can also work in the gut, so take some time for yourself and try to relax . And now let’s find out what are the 6 foods that should not be missing at the table.

The ginger

In addition to being generally good for the stomach, ginger appears to be effective in restoring the intestinal microbiota . In fact, it helps regular transit thanks to the quantity of fibers, and also promotes the proliferation of “good” bacteria.

The kefir

Being composed of live cultures , kefir is an excellent drink to restore well-being to the intestine. Its enzymes and probiotics fight “bad” yeasts and colonize the colon.

Dried figs

The prebiotic function of dried figs has been scientifically proven. Furthermore, these fruits help fight constipation , as long as they are combined with proper hydration.

The pearl barley

Being a rich source of fiber and prebiotics, pearl barley acts in the intestine by restoring the bacterial flora in case of dysbiosis . In particular, this cereal contains a good amount of beta-glucan, which protects the entire digestive system.

The asparagus

Not many people know, but asparagus has important beneficial properties in favor of the intestine. In fact, they contain inulin , a substance that is used by “good” bacteria to draw nourishment from it, through fermentation.

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