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From hot water to the use of aggressive products: here are the daily habits that make your skin dry!

There are daily habits that can damage your skin and make it dry. TIn order to avoid it, you should always try and use non-aggressive quality products and, above all, skin-friendly ones. A great body cream is useless if you keep usin an aggressive body wash or if you spend a lot of time under the shower. Let’s find out the 5 undesirable habits that dry out our skin…

Dry skin: undesirable habits

-Aggressive and wrong body products. One of the main reasons why the skin tends to dry out is the use of excessively aggressive products. If they are not quality products and, above all, they are not suitable for our type of skin, we just worsen the situation. Another mistake we unknowingly make is using too much hand moisturizer. We think we are hydrating our skin more, but we actually irritate it. You need very little cream, as long as it is oil rich. This is the perfect ingredient to allow the skin to absorb it.

5 habits that make your skin dry
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-Not appropriate detergents and fabric softeners. We often buy detergents on sale or because everyone is speaking about their fragrances. However, many of these products are very aggressive on the skin. In fact, using detergents and fabric softeners too scented or with bad ingredients  may cause skin reactions.

-Constant exfoliate. Exfoliating is useful to eliminate all the dead cells and to free the skin from impurities. However, if done too many times a week, it only irritates and ruins the skin, instead of improving it. Our advice is to exfoliate just once a week, even with some DIY recipes!

-Do not drink the right amount of water. It might happen that you do not drink enough water: there is nothing more wrong! The body needs hydration and it all starts from the water. Try and drink at least 2 litres of water a day to help your body and skin to stay hydrated…

-Hot water. Especially in winter, having a shower with hot water is very pleasant and relaxing. Unfortunately, your skin could suffer consequences such as becoming irritated and drying out in no time. Also, staying too much in the shower tends to dry the skin out even more.

Photo source: https://pixabay.com/it/adulto-donna-la-doccia-doccia-1867380/

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