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5 hairstyles to try this summer to fight the heat

Blond hair

To avoid suffering from the heat and still show off a fashionable and perfect hair for every occasion, here are 5 anti-sultry hairstyles to make in a practical and fast way!

When the heat arrives we must arm ourselves with patience and understand well how to wear hair to avoid a sweat bath. Especially those with long hair , perfectly know the discomfort of having to wear them loose with 40 ° in the shade. There are two options: either we change our look and give ourselves a nice cut or we opt for practical and fashionable anti-sultry hairstyles. Five hairstyles ideal for any face shape, to show off both during the day and for an evening and to be created over any type of look. Let’s find out what they are!

Anti hot hairstyles for the summer

Seeds collected. Not everyone loves to bring their hair together, which is why everything gets even more complicated in the summer. If, however, we want to avoid sweating more , we can opt for a harvested seed. We simply have to make a pulled half-tail and define the hairstyle with a trendy clasp .

Blond hair
Blond hair

High ponytail. For a more scruffy but perfect look even in the evening, we can opt for a high ponytail with wavy hair. We try to make a wavy fold without a plate and as soon as the hair is ready, let’s gather it in a super chic high ponytail!

Chignon with band. The band is the accessory of the moment, so what better occasion to show it off in style? We gather the hair in a bun that is not necessarily high and we arrange the look with a trendy and colorful headband. Perfect for keeping hair tidy without having to spend too much time behind it!

Herringbone braid. Easy to make and perfect for those with long and not excessively scaled hair . The herringbone braid if carried sideways can also give that extra touch of elegance. So, it’s an anti-hot hairstyle to show off on several occasions!

Bubble ponytail. To follow the fashion, we can opt for a bubble ponytail, or the tail with bubble effect. Very easy to make and, above all, it is a day and evening hairstyle!

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