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5 mistakes that ruin the skin of the face … but there is a remedy for everything!

Face skin

We often make mistakes that ruin the skin of the face, making it impure, dry or not very elastic. Let’s see what they are and learn to avoid them!

No woman wants damaged facial skin , yet we all make mistakes every day that damage her. For example, we take too much sun and use the wrong products. Let’s see what are the worst mistakes that ruin the skin , to learn how to avoid them and remedy them.

Mistakes that ruin the skin: what to do to avoid them

Here are 5 mistakes that are made unconsciously, but that is simple to remedy:

• Take too much sun. The tan is beautiful, it is true, but taking too much sun and above all doing it without an adequate cream with UV filter is very bad (so much so that there are also those who suffer from tanorexia ). Sun-damaged skin appears dry, not very elastic and prematurely aged, with wrinkles and spots. Always use a high protection on the beach and don’t forget to use a day cream with filter even in the city.

Face skin
Face skin

• Press pimples and blackheads. It is difficult to resist the temptation to press and break pimples and blackheads, but you need to do it. This bad habit causes acne to worsen and the appearance of spots and scars. If you don’t want damaged skin, go to the dermatologist and keep your hands in check!

• Use the wrong products. Dry face skin needs mild cleansers and full-bodied face creams, mixed and oily cleansers with purifying cleansers and lighter creams or serums. On the market, however, there are millions of products of all types and it is difficult to choose. To find the right ones for you, test different ones, but never too many at the same time, otherwise you will not be able to understand which ones give you problems.

• Neglect exfoliation. Even the driest and most delicate skin needs exfoliation. You can use daily brushes for cleaning the face, or a couple of times a week you can use a specific scrub for the face.

• Use dirty makeup brushes. The brushes used to apply foundation, face powder and other make-up products must always be very clean, otherwise they will become receptacles of bacteria, which you will carry straight on your face! Wash them with mild soap and water at least once a week.

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