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5 remedies to quit nail biting for good

5 remedies to quit nail biting for good

Stopping to bite your nails is difficult, but not impossible. Let’s see what are the most effective grandma’s old remedies to quit nail biting.

People suffering from onychophagy knows that stopping nail biting seems impossible. However, you must do everything you can to quit this habit, because in the long run it can seriously damage your nails, making them fragile. Moreover, nails are full of bacteria you should not swallow!

To actually quit nail biting, a lot of willpower is required. However, you can also use some of grandma’s old remedies to make things easier. Let’s see how to stop nail biting once and for all!

Methods to stop biting your nails

mangiarsi le unghie

1. Olive oil and garlic. Applying olive oil on your nails is an excellent method to strengthen them. Put a few garlic cloves in oil and let it sit for a day, then apply this mixture on your nails.  While the oil will nourish them, the bad garlic smell will help you quit biting them!

2. Spicy sauce. Apply on your nails a bit of hot sauce and do not rinse your hands. When you will try and bite your nails, the taste will make you stop doing it.

3. Aloe gel and neem oil. As you might have guessed, the secret to stop biting your nails is applying somethingsmelly and with a bad taste on them. An alternative to the oil and garlic mixture is aloe vera gel with a few drops of neem essential oil. The first substance has a bitter taste, the second one smells bad!

4. Cayenne pepper. If you don’t have spicy sauce, you can rub Cayenne, black or red pepper on your nails.

5. Wine vinegar. Finally, to make your nails taste unpleasant, you can dip them for a few minutes in a little wine or apple cider vinegar, without rinsing your hands.


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