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5 things to know about semi-permanent nail polish

5 things to know about semi-permanent nail polish

Semi-permanent is just like a normal nail polish, but it lasts longer: here are 5 things you should know about it!

More and more women are choosing this kind of nail polish. It lasts longer than traditional ones and looks better. It does not have the same effect as gel, but it looks much more natural. However, its application requires some specific steps you need to know in order to avoid damages. Is it true that in the long run semi-permanent nail polish could ruin your nails? Let’s find out!

Everything you need to know about semi-permanent nail polish

First of all, you need to know the difference with gel: the latter requires a real reconstruction, while the semi-permanent is simply a cosmetic cover.

5 things to know about semi-permanent nail polish
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Before using it, you need to clean and smooth your nails with the specific products. These are the steps for a semi-permanent nail polish manicure: matte your nails with a buffer, apply the base (to dry with a specific lamp), then apply 2 coats of this special nail polish. Dry it with the lamp and finish with a top coat. Use some cuticle oil to make your nail look glossier.

High quality semi-permanent nail polish will not ruin your nails. In order to avoid damaging your nails, wait for at least 15 days before removing it and apply another color.

This type of nail polish is suitable for people who do not gnaw on their nails and want a natural effect. Otherwise, you can resort to gel reconstruction.

Semi-permanent nail polish has some risks: tremoving it is most delicate part. It could weaken your nails, making them yellowish and causing allergic reactions.

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