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5 unexpected uses of the hair dryer

5 unexpected uses of the hair dryer

How to use you hair dryer to save time, with amazing results!

You can use this device not only to dry your hair, but also to clean up and to save time. Thanks to its heating power, it can be used to widen a pair of shoes or to fuel a fire.

Even its cold air can be useful. Here 5 unexpected uses of this device to save time and obtain amazing results.

3 uses of the hair dryer hot air flow

1. If your leather or suede shoes are too tight, you can widen them with the hot air flow. Put a sponge sock in a shoe and put your hand inside. Heat the surface up with the hair dryer for about 1 minute and immediately wear your shoes. They will be softer! Repeat twice or more if needed.

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2. This device is perfect to defrost the freezer. Before doing it, remember to unplug it. Keep the hair dryer 20 cm away from the freezer and from any water source. In this way, the defrosting operation will be quicker, but there will probably be a lot of water on the floor. Therefore, remember to put a bucket and some newspapers under the freezer before starting.

3. You can use the hair dryer to start your barbecue. Its hot air flow will fuel the fire in a few minute, so you will be ready to grill meat, fish or vegetables in no time!

2 uses of the hair dryer cold air flow

1. This device is very useful to dust your furniture off. Use the cold air flow on the ornaments or where you can’t reach them. In this way you will save time and you won’t need to move all the ornaments. In order to eliminate mites, mop with a cloth and vinegar.

2. You have just painted your nails, but you don’t have time to let them dry? Use the cold air flow and alternate it with the hot one. In less then a minute you will be ready to go!

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