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6 curiosities about Linda Evangelista: from dreams of glory to confession about the intervention that disfigured her

Linda Evangelista

From the love stories to the phrases that made her a fashion icon in the 90s, to the aesthetic intervention that made her unrecognizable: this is who Linda Evangelista is.

Linda Evangelista is a supermodel who was, especially in the 90s, a true icon of beauty and style. Her name is inextricably linked to that of great designers of the caliber of Gianni Versace , Valentino and many others, who make her become a supermodel, like perhaps only Naomi Campbell. In September 2021, her statement on social media caused a sensation where she told of a cryolipolysis operation that went bad, which disfigured her and made her unrecognizable, after a period of distance and silence. But here are all the secrets about her, from the biography to the (controversial) private life passing through some curiosities.

Linda Evangelista, the biography

Linda Evangelista was born on May 10, 1965, under the sign of Taurus, in Canada but her origins are Italian and more precisely from Frosinone . She has been dreaming of becoming a model since she was a child and with her height of 1.76m and her doe eyes it doesn’t take long to get noticed by the most important names in high fashion.

Already at 12 she has clear ideas: she wants to be a model, and the first contest she wins is that of Miss Teen Niagara . From that moment, also thanks to her beauty and her style, she is a triumph of success on the catwalks and also on the covers of the most prestigious fashion magazines.

Linda Evangelista’s private life: her son and marriages

In 1987 Linda Evangelista married Gerald Marie, executive of the prestigious Elite Model Management fashion agency. After the separation, which took place in 1993, she has an affair with actor Kyle MacLachlan , from whom she separates for soccer player Fabien Barthez. During the relationship with Barthez, the model becomes pregnant, but has a miscarriage in the sixth month of pregnancy.

In 2006, at the age of 42, he has his first and only son: Augustin James . The supermodel does not reveal the identity of the child ‘s father , but after a lawsuit filed in 2006 it is revealed that he is the tycoon François-Henri Pinault (at the time engaged with Salma Hayek, who later became his wife). Currently it seems that she is single . It is not known where he lives, although it seems from social media that he is in Canada.

In an interview with Grazia, the model confided: “I was very lucky in love. I’ve had important stories, even if they weren’t forever. Only twice have I been completely wrong , but don’t ask me to name names. My dream remains the family, so I answer: yes, I would like to remarry .

In September 2021, a post on Instagram caused a sensation where she tells the story of how an aesthetic intervention , more precisely of cryolipolysis , made her unrecognizable , she who was a true icon of timeless beauty. In addition, for this he asked for damages of 50 million dollars. In this during his career he has earned a lot (even if the exact figures are not known), but it is very difficult that the money can compensate.

Linda Evangelista: curiosities about the model

– Together with her colleagues Christy Turlington and Naomi Campbell , she is part of the trio called “The Trinity”, the three iconic beauties of the 90s but above all great friends:

“We are still friends. We don’t see each other often, but when we do, it’s like we ‘ve never separated . People think there was jealousy between us. But it wasn’t like that. On the contrary. We often worked together and their presence was the reason why a shooting was fun ” he told in an interview with IoDonna .

– His origins are Italian and his were originally from Frosinone. The model loves Italian cuisine and knows how to cook polenta and gnocchi.

– She has a French bulldog named Moon , who accompanies her on her many travels.

– Although she does not like social networks, she uses Instagram, and it is through a click on the well-known social network that she announced that she had become a grandmother . The baby is actually the grandson of her ex-husband Gerald Marie, but the supermodel has remained on such good terms with her stepdaughter Roxanne Marie that she regards him as a grandson.

– Can ski and snorkel .

– In 1990 he said he didn’t get out of bed “for less than $ 10,000 a day”.

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