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7 remedies and packs for dark circles

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Let’s see how to eliminate dark circles once and for all, with the help of natural compresses and ancient remedies of the grandmother.

If you often need specific concealers and foundations to cover dark circles with make-up, you can also use natural and less invasive treatments to eliminate dark circles at the base. Most often these are “grandmother’s remedies”, relaxing and refreshing compresses that help reduce unsightly black circles.

In most cases, these are compresses with ingredients that we all have at home, such as chamomile and milk, cheap and free of side effects. Let’s see better how to remove dark circles in a natural way!

Dark circles: natural remedies and tricks

eye bags
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Chamomile infusion. Chamomile has soothing and decongestant properties. Make a very concentrated infusion (two tablespoons of flower heads or two sachets for a cup of water), let it cool and then use it to wet the cotton disks, to be kept on the eyes for about ten minutes.

Tea bags. Tea is also decongestant, especially green tea. After using the sachets to make an infusion, put them in the refrigerator for a few minutes and then use them on the eyes, like a compress.

Potatoes. Cut a potato into slices, wrap them in cheesecloth and put them on the eyes. Keep the compress in place for about twenty minutes.

Cucumbers. Cucumber slices are perhaps the most famous dark circles remedy. Store the cucumber in the refrigerator, then cut it into slices and keep the latter on the eyes for about ten minutes.

Milk. Cold milk is decongestant and moisturizing. Wet two cotton pads in the milk, squeeze them slightly and put them on the eyes for a few minutes.

Rose water and cornflower. Rose water and cornflower are excellent not only for deflating bags, but also for soothing puffy eyes. Use them together or individually to wet two cotton disks, to be put on the eyes.

Cold spoons. The most effective grandmother’s remedy to lighten dark circles and deflate dark circles is to put cold spoons under the eyes. Leave them in the fridge for a whole night and use them in the morning.

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