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9 exercises to tone up your legs, buttocks and belly

9 exercises to tone up your legs, buttocks and belly

From swimming to pilates, let’s see what the best exercising for toning legs, buttocks and belly in a short time are.

To have a fit body, losing weight is not enough: you need to tone up your muscles with targeted exercises. For women, the most critical areas are undoubtedly our legs, buttocks and belly, where fat tends to accumulate. If not well trained, our muscles can lose their tone.

Let’s see, then, what the best exercises for toning these critical points of our body are.

Exercises for toning legs up


– Bike, exercise bike and indoor biking. Go biking is excellent for toning up your legs, including the inside part of the thigh. Use it instead of the car as often as possible and you will notice the results immediately. If you can, intensify your workout by using the exercise bike or indoor biking at the gym.

– Running. It is very good not only for burning calories and thus losing weight, but also to tone up and slim your legs. Going for a run every morning or every evening is a good habit. If you are not trained, start by alternating running and walking.

– Walking. Even a simple walk is great for your legs. Of course, it should be paced, lasting for at least half an hour. It is better if you use specific walking shoes.

Exercises to tone up your buttocks

– Squats. The best exercise to lift and tone your buttocks is squatting, especially if done with a barbell. If you are a beginner, we recommend you to ask your gym personal trainer for advice. Do not improvise, because you might get injured.

– Step. This exercise is great for toning not only your buttocks, but also your legs and belly. Usually step classes at the gym are associated to music, which makes them more funny.

– GAG. If you are interested in toning not only your buttocks, but also your abdominals and legs, by using the step, you can try the ABT training (Abs, Butt and thighs). It involves a series of exercises designed to tone up these three critical points.

Exercises for toning up your belly

– Jumping rope. Thanks to this exercise, your abdominals will work more. In addition, it slims and tones up legs.

– Pilates. Pilates let all the muscles of the body work, toning and strengthen them. In particular, the abdominal muscles are constantly stimulated.

– Swimming. Swimming is good for the whole body, not just the belly. Try it!


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