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A delicate drink with many benefits: kukicha tea

Kukicha tea

Kukicha tea is a drink originating in the province of Shizuoka, an area of ​​Japan where Mount Fuji stands. Let’s find out all its benefits and how to get it.

Kukicha tea is a variant of green tea originating in Japan , more precisely from the province of Shizuoka, the same province in which Mount Fuji stands. This drink is made from Camellia sinensis , a plant used to make many types of tea . The variety and flavor of the drink will only be determined by the way the plant is processed and which part of it is used.

The properties of kukicha tea

Thanks to the way it is prepared, kukicha tea manages to preserve all its nutrients and properties . First of all, let’s remember its great content of vitamins and minerals . They help the body by strengthening the immune system and supporting the growth of nails, bones and hair.

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Furthermore, like cinnamon , this variant of tea is a precious ally of the circulatory system . Promotes proper blood circulation and keeps blood pressure stable. In addition, being an excellent antioxidant , it helps against the signs of age.

Kukicha tea helps those who use it to lower the level of cholesterol in the blood, and is particularly suitable for people on a weight loss diet . It helps fight tiredness and has beneficial effects on the urinary tract. In short, this drink is full of beneficial effects, but how is it obtained? Let’s find out.

How to get it and other useful information

The factor that differentiates kukicha tea from other types of tea made from the same plant is the way it is made. It is obtained by cutting small twigs from the Camellia sinensis plant, in fact kuki, in Japanese, means stems, twigs.

These twigs, to which the leaves are left, are cut only when the plant has reached three years of age and are left to dry for twelve months. At the end of this process, they are lightly toasted and after that they will be ready to be used for tea.

The drink in question has a delicate flavor , for this reason the inhabitants of Japan are used to combine it with meals as a substitute for water. Furthermore, due to the negligible theine content , it is possible to consume tea at any time and is also suitable for children.

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