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A diet poor in proteins and sodium is ideal to lose weight and detox. Moreover, it is also excellent to purify your kidneys. Find out everything about this new diet!

A diet poor in proteins and sodium is the new food regime to feel good, quickly lose weight, and detox the body. Moreover, above all, it is perfect to purify your kidneys. This diet is based on a lesser consumption of all kinds of proteins and salt, in order to purify the body.

In recent weeks, people talked a lot about this new diet. In order to purify your kidneys, it necessary to eat a moderate amount of proteins and salt. A lot of people suffer from kidneys disorders. However, thanks to this diet, this number could significantly decrease. Let’s find out together how this diet works!

Everything about the diet poor in proteins and sodium, perfect to cleanse the kidneys!

There are several rules to follow in order for this diet to work. The first one is to follow a diet with a low content of phosphorus, sodium, and various proteins, both animal and vegetable. The first ones, such as meat, fish, cheese and eggs, are greatly reduced.

A diet poor in proteins and sodium is useful to purify your kidneys and your body!
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With regard to the calorie intake, you should consume 35 Kcal per kg of food. Thanks to this diet, you will first cleanse your kidneys, you will detox your body and you will also lose some weight.

Remember that in order to stay healthy and have a healthy life, you need to give up alcohol and cigarettes. In addition, drink plenty of water and exercise regularly, even if it is just a 30 minute walk every day at a fast pace. In addition, before starting any diet, ask your doctor for advice.

Photo source: https://pixabay.com/it/verdure-carota-cibo-sano-dieta-1085063/

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