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A weed but rich in beneficial properties: discovering the shepherd’s purse

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A plant spread all over the world and rich in beneficial properties: let’s discover the Capsella bursa-pastoris, also known by the common name of borsapastore.

The borsapastore, also known as the shepherd’s purse, is an annual herbaceous plant that is easily recognizable thanks to the shape of its fruits. In fact, the numerous flowers present at its top take the form of small inverted hearts on an annual basis, which contain the seeds necessary for the reproduction of the plant.

Originating from the Mediterranean basin, Capsella bursa-pastoris , this is its scientific name, grows all over the world: it easily adapts to different climates and soils and is considered a weed . Despite its nature, this plant is used in phytotherapy because of its beneficial properties: let’s find out.

The properties of the shepherd’s purse

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One of the most appreciated properties of the shepherd’s bag is undoubtedly the antihaemorrhagic one. This property is due to bursic acid, a glucoside. Although it is particularly indicated to treat internal bleeding , it is able to act on any blood loss. This property is partly related to the effects of the plant on the menstrual cycle : the shepherd’s purse favors the contraction of the uterine musculature, regulating the flow of blood during menstruation.

In addition, this plant is able to regulate blood pressure , in particular arterial pressure , making it suitable in case of hypotension or hypertension. In addition, it is excellent against inflammation (helps to calm pain), against fever and in case of joint pain (against which magnesium is also excellent). Finally, it has astringent power. It acts on the enteric system and is an excellent ally against diarrhea and other intestinal problems of a similar nature.

Uses and contraindications

The shepherd’s purse can be safely consumed in the form of an infusion . To prepare it, you just need to get the still fresh flowered tops and leave a little spoonful to infuse in a boiling cup for about ten minutes. Once everything is filtered , you can consume the drink. Maximum two cups per day.

Against the problems of the menstrual cycle, it is possible to resort to the mother tincture of the shepherd’s purse. You can buy the mother tincture in the pharmacy, even online. Take ninety drops, divided into three rations, about ten days before the cycle. Sometimes, in case of bleeding or inflammation, it is possible to make compresses on the affected areas. Or, the compress can be applied under the soles of the feet to combat fever.

Before use, it is always good to seek advice from an expert: it will help to avoid possible side effects deriving from improper use of the plant. Do not take during pregnancy or while breastfeeding.

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