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Abstaining from alcohol is now fashionable: that’s why

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As was the case with cigarettes in the past, giving up alcohol is becoming a trend. Let’s find out what are the benefits of refraining from drinking alcohol and the risks for those who use it.

More and more young people are giving up alcohol. A 2016 study in England showed that the number of teens between the ages of 18 and 24 who do not use alcohol is growing rapidly. There is talk of 18% in 2005 against 29% in 2015.

Although the study is based on the British population, this trend is also taking place in the rest of Europe , in North America and in the more developed Asian countries . According to experts, the reason for this growing refrain could derive from the increasing awareness of the risks due to alcohol consumption (it led to almost 3 million deaths in 2016), also thanks to social media .

And, with more and more reference figures who give up alcohol, being abstainers has become almost a fashion .

The benefits of giving up alcohol

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The benefits of giving up alcohol are innumerable. By stopping drinking you will immediately notice that your body reacts better to stimuli , that your brain is faster and more dynamic , but not only.

Being abstained helps the metabolism and reduces nervous hunger. The result? It facilitates digestion and the process of absorption / expulsion of nutrients, improving intestinal balance and reducing episodes of insomnia (yes, a poorly functioning metabolism can cause insomnia). In addition, our body will get rid of toxins more easily.

Last, but not least, our organs work best if we are abstainers, especially the heart . In fact, by lightening the body, and blood pressure with it, the heart will work better and the risk of heart attacks will decrease by 40%!

All this without considering that alcohol has a higher cost than water: giving up alcohol will also benefit our wallets. It is better to choose non-alcoholic cocktails that are friends of our line and our well-being.

Alcohol and its negative effects

Alcohol, if consumed in excessive doses, brings with it many negative effects . First of all, consuming too much alcohol damages the liver , increasing the risk of liver cirrhosis. However, liver damage is irrelevant, considering that excessive amounts of alcohol can cause cancer .

However, damage to health are not the only evils caused by alcohol. In fact, as many know, drinking brings drowsiness and, if the quantities of alcohol increase, also headaches or serious feelings of malaise . As a result, concentration and productivity are reduced, and with them the chances of being successful in the activities that take place.

Furthermore, we must not forget all the episodes or accidents in which individuals who had lost their ability to understand because of alcohol caused damage to property or, worse, to people.

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