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Acne: the makeup mistakes to avoid

Acne: the makeup mistakes to avoid

If you want to cover your acne with makeup, first you need to know all the mistakes you should avoid: find out which ones!

Acne is a skin infection which usually occurs in teenagers. People who suffer from it want to get rid of it as soon as possible. Unfortunately, its treatment requires time and perseverance.

Other than trying treating acne with natural methods, for example with Neem oil, the only way to hide pimples is makeup. Covering this infection with beauty products, however, is not that easy as it may look, and we often make mistakes. Here which ones and how to avoid to damage our face!

How to hide acne with makeup: the main mistakes

Using dirty brushes. Dirty accessories can cause more pimples because of bacteria. From your makeup brushes to your hair brush, you should always disinfect everything you use, in order to remove all the dirt and bacteria.

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Not using brushes and sponges. Sometimes you don’t feel like applying your makeup with the right tools and you use your fingers. Wrong! In this way, you further inflame your skin, worsening your acne!

Wrong foundation. Choosing the right product is very important, especially if you need it to cover pimples. Your skin needs high quality products: others may inflame your skin and promote acne bacterial proliferation.

Using too much foundation. Dermatologists recommend not to use makeup when you suffer from acne. Someone follows this advice, but others just need to cover this blemish. However, if you cover your pimples with foundation in the wrong way, you might cause even more damages. Your skin needs to breathe and heal as soon as possible. If applied in the wrong way, foundation could stand the problem out.

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