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Aerial hammock: a discipline to fly without wings

Hammock suspended in space

A discipline that combines yoga with dance and allows you to fly without wings: let’s discover the aerial hammock.

To fly without having wings, it seems impossible but it doesn’t take much. In fact, a new discipline has recently been born that takes inspiration from antigravity yoga , making it easier and more dynamic than yoga . It is the aerial hammock.

Let’s discover this sport through the words of Marina Vishniakova , who recently told herself at Vanity Fair .

What is Aerial Hammock

Marina Vishniakova is an athlete, teacher of the Milan Pole Dance Studio , dance and fitness school located in the Lombard capital. According to what Vishniakova told at Vanity Fair, the discipline is based on a simple tool, with which those who practice it must interact. This is the hammock , in English hammock, hence the name of the discipline.

Aerial Hammock
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«The shape of the hammock, typically concave, is excellent for those approaching this type of discipline for the first time. In fact, it is precisely its concavity that supports the athlete in the main move of this discipline: inversion » , says Marina Vishniakova.

«Over time, the figures become more complex, but it is not a problem. With training, the body also becomes stronger and more elastic . This helps us to exploit all the muscles of our body, avoiding fatigue in the back and pelvis . Age is not a limit for those who want to practice this discipline, it all depends on ourselves ».

Discipline and its benefits

This fascinating discipline is not an end in itself: the benefits of aerial hammock are innumerable. «It is perfect for those who spend a lot of time sitting in front of the computer . Most of the figures cause the spine to decompress, helping posture and relaxation » , these are the words of Marina Vishniakova.

« My advice is to practice it in front of a mirror: it helps to gain self-confidence . Being able to perform the most complex figures, especially those upside down, is a huge confidence boost. In addition, you will gain muscle strength and your movements will become more loose and sinuous “ , concludes Marina. In short, a hammock and a little passion are enough to fly.

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