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Aesthetic pedicure: all the steps to do it at home


A perfect pedicure can also be done at home, without having to go out. Let’s see what are all the steps to get a result like estetisa.

The aesthetic pedicure, which differs from the curative one, can also be done at home, without having to go out and contact the beauticians. Obviously, it is not so simple if you have never done it in the way you do dates: it is therefore necessary to do some practice. To help you, here’s how to do the pedicure autonomously , following a few simple steps.

Aesthetic pedicure: the useful steps to do it at home

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• The first thing to do is to remove any old nail polish residue from the nails. Then wash your feet and take a foot bath , leaving them to soak for about a quarter of an hour in hot (not boiling) water with a baking soda or coarse salt. If times, you can also add 4-5 drops of lavender essential oil to the water, which has relaxing, deodorising, antiseptic and antifungal properties.

• Immediately after, gently dry your feet and eliminate calluses by rubbing them with pumice stone. Shorten your nails using the nail clipper and a cardboard file. Be careful to give them a straight and square shape, otherwise they will grow under the skin and become incarnate. Using a wooden stick, push the cuticles back and then feed them with a special oil or cream.

• After preparing the nails, it’s time to apply the nail polish . You can choose the color you like best and, if you are good enough, you can also create special nail art . Always start by applying a transparent base polish , preferably reinforcing and anti-yellow. Let the base dry and then go to the first coat of colored nail polish . Once dry, make a second coat of color, if necessary. Finally, seal everything with a transparent top coat , concentrating mainly on the tip of the nail.

• To complete the pedicure, apply a nourishing and deodorant cream , massaging the feet gently for a few minutes.

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