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Aesthetic ultrasound: what it is, what it is for and how it works

face ultrasound

Aesthetic ultrasound: what it is, what it is for and how it works.

Aesthetic ultrasound is a type of treatment that can be useful for obtaining different types of results in the aesthetic field and beyond. In fact, ultrasounds in aesthetics are used both to fight cellulite and to improve facial cleansing or make the skin more toned. In some cases, and at different frequencies, they can also be useful for relieving certain types of pain. For this reason, before deciding to undergo a session you should know what they are for and how they are performed.

Aesthetic ultrasounds: how they are performed

Ultrasounds represent a rather innovative technique that in the aesthetic field can bring several advantages.

face ultrasound
face ultrasound

They are carried out using a handpiece which, once placed on the affected part, begins to emit low-frequency ultrasounds . These can have different functions according to the areas of use. On the face, for example, they help stimulate circulation and can lead to a deeper cleansing.

For cellulite , on the other hand, they help break down the fat membranes. This allows its subsequent elimination (through lymphatic drainage or pressotherapy), which allows to model what are considered critical points. In other words, those areas where it is difficult to lose weight with a normal diet or exercise.

In any case, ultrasound is a procedure that can only be chosen in the absence of health problems.

The contraindications of aesthetic ultrasounds

Like any therapy, including those of an instrumental type, even aesthetic ultrasounds can lead to important contraindications that must always be evaluated together with your doctor.

Given that there are areas of the body such as the chest, skull or those close to the bones that should be avoided, this technique can be counterproductive in case of problems such as:

– Heart disease
– Thrombosis
– Oncological diseases
– Inflammation or lesions of the skin
– Previous stroke or ischemia

In the presence of these pathologies, it is preferable to find other more suitable and less risky therapies.

Furthermore, it is important to always use an accredited center. One who carries out the procedure correctly which, in some cases, can lead to redness and slight burning of the skin which therefore must be considered from time to time in order to find the most suitable frequency for the person.

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