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Aesthetics Firenze Baltika: the most effective anti-cellulite massages

Anti-cellulite massage Florence

Massages are an aesthetic treatment that has been known for thousands of years. In this article we will talk about draining massages against water retention and cellulite .

Massages are a traditional aesthetic and wellness treatment that has been known for thousands of years, with many techniques that aim at different purposes according to the needs of the person. In this article we will talk about draining massages against water retention and cellulite . For now let’s leave aside the caresses which, however welcome, remain caresses even if they delight the soul.

I tell my direct experience as owner of a beauty center in Florence where we carry out traditional aesthetic treatments, advanced aesthetics and semi-permanent tattoo (or dermopigmentation). Let’s get to the point!

The draining massages against cellulite

Anti-cellulite massage Florence
Anti-cellulite massage Florence

Due to my study and work experience, practicing massages in Florence for years, the questions I receive, and I receive, from clients are mostly the following.

  • Do massages work against cellulite? The answer is yes.
  • Is it possible to completely eliminate cellulite with massages? The answer is no.
  • Do advanced aesthetic machinery eliminate cellulite completely? The answer is no.

For the consolation of the reader, an important clarification is needed: it is possible to significantly reduce cellulite through a studied and constant path of massages, which sees as much personal care in observing a correct lifestyle.

The technique I describe today is the Greco-Roman Massage, particularly effective if water retention is associated with the presence of fat. We will talk about other techniques such as Vodder manual lymphatic drainage or other lymphatic drainage techniques. The aforementioned techniques represent the must of traditional aesthetics when it comes to anti-cellulite treatments .

The Greco-Roman anti-cellulite massage

The classical Greco-Roman massage is a thousand-year-old technique, even if the maneuvers over the centuries have been continuously perfected due to the greater scientific knowledge acquired in order to improve its effectiveness.

It is a body treatment that acts on the muscles and fat cells , promoting the stimulation of the circulation of the lymphatic vessels and the functioning of the microcirculation, helping the disposal of stagnant liquids and therefore reducing their deposit (water retention).

The poor functioning of the metabolism and microcirculation can in fact create swelling and accumulation of localized fat and therefore increase cellulite, as well as the already accumulated fat can in turn prevent the correct disposal of stagnant liquids (it is a dog that bites its tail) .

It is a very energetic massage in which the fundamental maneuvers of “kneading” and “breading”, correctly performed, are the key both for the draining effect and for the slimming effect, if we can say so.

The main effects of the treatment are therefore the following:

  • increases heart rate, increases body heat and consequently increases metabolism;
  • It also stresses the adipose cells present in the tissue by compression and stretching which, by mechanical stimulation as well as due to the increase in body heat, tend to become more elastic and malleable, favoring the release of interstitial fluids;
  • facilitates the subsequent draining action of special maneuvers for the benefit of a reduction in water retention and therefore cellulite;
  • generates a feeling of relaxation and well-being;
  • it also facilitates diuresis if correctly performed and associated with a specific lymphatic drainage path;
  • it also helps to lose weight due to the induced increase in metabolism (we are talking about fats not liquids).

Note: massage can help you lose weight but on its own it is not enough , it is essential to observe a complete path of lifestyle (reasonably and without too many limitations, it does not matter to become a hermit).

The treatment must be carried out for at least 50 minutes in order to be effective, as with less time the technique fails to produce the desired effects. In any case it takes at least six to ten sessions to have a clearly visible result. Everything and immediately does not exist, in every sector!

A curiosity: if done in a workmanlike manner, the Greco-Roman massage seen from the outside seems almost an elegant dance performed with harmonious movements of the whole body by the operator, whose hands are nothing more than the instrument of the whole body. energy that is transferred to the maneuvers that are carried out through coordination of the feet and legs, trunk, shoulders and pelvis.

It goes without saying that for the beautician the massage in question, carried out correctly, is a considerable physical effort so it is difficult to be able to repeat massages for a whole day. Dear ladies, for those who do not know it, it is hard work, after all, as if to do everything in a modino way!

The traditional aesthetic is always current

Intriguing question: who “wins” between traditional aesthetics, ie carried out with manual treatments and advanced or carried out with machinery?

The answer is: “both and neither”. An answer that may seem strange but that finds reason in years of experience that allowed me to evaluate the techniques and the machines. Now we come to the why of the answer.

The state-of-the-art body treatment machine (which is sometimes great for marketing) may not be as effective as the manual maneuvers performed by those who really know how to practice a massage and master the related techniques properly. The machine remains a machine and does not have the sensitivity of the human eye and hands, as it works according to programmed settings: the beautician, on the other hand, must see, evaluate and act, grasping the small differences in every single situation and adapting the relative maneuvers. For this reason , traditional aesthetics are and will always be effective.

However, the opposite is also true when the operator’s preparation has gaps or if the operator is listless: in that case, after having learned the program and a few gestures and using the necessary precautions, the machine does it by itself and overcomes the “unprepared” and “listless” beautician.

By way of example: in my beauty center I propose both traditional and advanced aesthetic treatments, the latter with the use of specific machinery, in a specially designed path that combines manual skills with machines. So certain that some machines are useful and effective, however, massage remains the body aesthetic treatment that offers the best results against cellulite , at least at the moment. This obviously if done correctly and with the right sitting times and correct number of sessions.

Cellulite is multifactorial

Cellulite is usually multifactorial , being determined not only by a non-optimal lymphatic and blood circulation, but also by the hormonal action (think of the contraceptive pill), by one’s physiology and body structure (muscle mass and metabolism), not to mention the style of life.

By the way, it is better not to overdo gymnastics (especially some exercises), otherwise cellulite can also increase. Proper nutrition, hydration and adequate physical activity can already be a good start and are in any case prerequisites for an optimal success of aesthetic treatments. The latter, however, only if done in a workmanlike manner by those who have studied and have the means and knowledge to make them!

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