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After-effects of alcohol, how to keep them under control thanks to a Finnish remedy

Alcoholic beverages

According to research conducted in Finland, L-cysteine ​​would help soothe a hangover. Let’s find out how and what it is.

A truly effective solution to alcohol hangovers does not exist, although schools of thought recommend several methods . Among the most famous we can certainly find the consumption of the same drink of the previous evening or of smoothies and concoctions. But thanks to the University of Helsinki, things could change.

In fact, it seems that a definitive cure for the annoying after-effects of alcohol has been identified. This is L-cysteine, a semi-essential amino acid capable of relieving the symptoms of a hangover, acting on the desire to drink even the next day. Let’s try to understand how this compound works and what benefits it offers.

After-effects of alcohol and L-cysteine

L-cysteine ​​is a semi-essential amino acid, composed of a molecule synthesized by the body and also present in meat, eggs and dairy products . The action of L-cysteine ​​appears to be extremely effective, especially when alcohol hangovers are related to stress.

Glasses with cocktails
Glasses with cocktails

It could also be a good alternative to habit, which has no scientific basis , so you can relieve hangover symptoms by continuing to drink. In fact, many people think that in this way it is possible to rebalance the percentage of alcohol in the body, making it gradually decrease.

L-cysteine, on the other hand, is able to simultaneously reduce both the desire to drink and the symptoms related to hangover , i.e. nausea, anxiety and headache. Therefore, according to Finnish experts, this amino acid is very effective in the treatment of symptoms, but also for the prevention and reduction of alcohol dependence.

The study conducted in Finland

At the base of the study conducted by researchers from the University of Helsinki there is certainly the high rate of alcoholism, also common among young Finns. For this reason, 19 individuals were selected who were given a typical spirits , with an alcohol content of about 40 degrees. All subjects consumed an amount of alcohol in relation to their weight, after which three types of drug were administered, namely:

– a placebo
– a 600 mg pill of L-cysteine
– a tablet containing 1200 mg of L-cysteine

The results obtained were really positive. In fact, individuals who had taken the 1200 mg pill experienced severe headache and hand nausea . Those on the 600 mg dose felt much less anxious. Therefore we can say that L-cysteine ​​can be a useful ally against alcohol hangovers, although more studies will be needed.

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