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After sun: what it is for and why it should always be used

after sun cream

After sun is a specific remedy to use after each sun exposure. Here are the benefits and reasons why it is so important to always apply it.

In the summer, almost everyone likes to spend time sunbathing. Who to fill up on vitamin D, who to tan and who because they find it simply relaxing. However, whenever you decide to go out in the sun, it is important to take care of your skin. To do this it is essential to use a sunscreen (to protect yourself from the sun’s rays) and after sun . The latter is often underestimated or replaced with simple moisturizers. In truth, however, it is a treatment to be applied in order to help the skin recover from long exposure to UV rays .

After sun: why it is right to apply it

Whenever you choose to sunbathe, the skin is subjected to an oxidative process that over time leads it to age prematurely. Although choosing sunscreen is essential to avoid sunburn and to protect yourself from solar radiation, after the sun it is necessary to restore hydration, elasticity and natural defenses.

woman with after sun
woman with after sun

And to do this it is important to use a good after sun. It is in fact a product capable of helping the skin to fight against free radicals , to become inflammatory and to repair itself faster. Unlike a common moisturizer, therefore, a good after-sun helps the skin to regain the right hydration but also to fill up with antioxidants. To obtain these results it is therefore important to always choose products based on soothing and nourishing substances such as aloe vera or jojoba oil, and, of course, vitamin E.

How to apply after sun

After sun is a remedy that must be applied after each exposure to the sun. Before doing this, however, you need to get rid of any residual sunscreen. It is therefore recommended to always apply it after a shower, using an amount suitable for the degree of dryness of the skin.

Applied all over the body and face until completely absorbed, it immediately gives a pleasant sense of freshness . Which it does while protecting the skin and making the tan healthier and more compact. Furthermore, the risk of seeing the skin peeling after a few days will be reduced. Which will help make the tan longer.

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