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Against pain and insomnia there is the essential oil of marjoram


Let’s discover the properties of marjoram essential oil, a highly appreciated essence to combat insomnia and pain.

Marjoram essential oil is obtained from a variety of oregano , marjoram oregano, also known by the name of Persia. Oregano marjoram, or more simply marjoram, is a herbaceous plant. It grows in the form of bushes that can reach sixty centimeters in height. This plant is native to North Africa and the Middle East, but it also grows in many European countries of the Mediterranean area.

Marjoram is very popular in traditional Italian and Greek cuisine , but it can also be used to obtain an essential oil rich in properties: let’s find out.

Marjoram essential oil, the properties

Marjoram essential oil has several properties. First, it is excellent against the symptoms of cooling diseases . It allows those who use it to get rid of excess phlegm, helps fight sore throat and cough .

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In addition, the essence of marjoram is a valid pain reliever , whether it be cramps or joint pain. In particular, it helps fight abdominal pain, as it also has digestive effects . In addition, this essential oil works as an immunostimulant , helping the body to defeat virus and bacteria attacks.

Finally, as happens with mandarin essential oil , it is an excellent essence for fighting insomnia . Promotes relaxation and helps to get rid of anxiety and stress , two great enemies of sleep.

How to use it and how to avoid side effects

As stated earlier, marjoram essential oil is an excellent pain reliever . To exploit this property, the essence can be used in two different ways. First of all, it is possible to dilute a few drops of essential oil, about two or three, in 15ml of vegetable oil and use what has been obtained to massage the painful part . Alternatively, you can take a bath in water seasoned with a few drops of essence.

Another way of using marjoram essential oil is to take it orally . By diluting a couple of drops in a carrier, for example a teaspoon of sugar or olive oil, it is possible to exploit its digestive properties and fight insomnia .

Against the symptoms of cooling diseases, it is possible to take the essence by air , spreading it in the air through an aroma diffuser.

Used properly, marjoram essential oil has no side effects . However, it is good to avoid abuse and not to use it in pregnancy.

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