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Aid for the elderly: exercise and stairlift


With advancing age various types of ailments become more and more frequent, conditioning the rhythms of life and forcing many people to give up their habits.

Having to limit activity and autonomy involves several negative effects, which involve both the physical, who suffers from lack of movement, and the psychological side, with harmful consequences on mood and planning.

To stem these problems and try to maintain health and mobility for as long as possible, it is advisable to dedicate yourself constantly to physical exercise , in a well-calibrated way and commensurate with general needs and conditions. A good solution can be represented by Pilates , an increasingly popular discipline suitable for all ages, focused on balance and slow and fluid movements , ideal for avoiding trauma and at the same time improving the state of muscles and skeleton, correcting posture defects. and work on breathing.

All these factors are very important to decrease joint pain , strengthen bones and physical endurance, obtaining greater vitality and well-being .

How to acquire more autonomy

Working on your body and its frailties to make it stronger is undoubtedly a good way to gain more autonomy , but if exercise is not enough you can associate useful help, in case there are stairs in the house that continue to create difficulty: a stairlift .

In fact, thanks to cutting-edge technologies, it is possible to choose from a large variety of models that meet the most diverse needs, both as regards personal physical conditions and in relation to the conformation and style of the home environment.

A Handicare stairlift can in fact guarantee ease of use and maximum safety , thanks to specific devices, without renouncing a refined aesthetic that includes the possibility to customize colors, materials and finishes, creating a custom-made device that represents a significant added value for the home .

The benefits related to better physical fitness and agility can also be used to sit and get up from the chair of the stairlift in peace; those suffering from more persistent problems can come to the rescue specific devices such as the Active Seat , which greatly facilitates these movements.

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Finding the right model becomes simple thanks to professional advice from qualified personnel, able to offer targeted solutions, which can also be viewed in a very realistic way thanks to the PhotoSurvey3D technology that allows you to create a threedimensional project of the stairlift inserted in the residential context.

In addition, due to their important role in breaking down architectural barriers , stairlifts enjoy tax deductions and significant concessions that save at least 50% of the total cost, making the investment affordable on a large scale.

Sacrifying interests and desire to do is therefore not the only option, but it is possible to enjoy the third age by increasing strength and flexibility of the body and providing the home in a comfortable and functional way, to be ready to seize all the opportunities still open without to be restrained by ailments or steps, in order to regain possession of precious independence and freedom of movement .

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