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Airplane-proof eye contour: here all the secrets!

Airplane-proof eye contour: here all the secrets!

After a flight, how many of you found out their eye contour was tired, dehydrated and dry? Here some secrets to fight this problem!

It is important to start your holidays in the best way possible and you cannot do it without a tired eye contour. And you know your eyes are important! When you spend a lot of time on airplane, because of the low humidity, there are temperature changes which affect our eye contour. However, there are different ways to solve this problem: you will not look tired at all, even after 12 hours of flight!!

What to do to solve this problem?

Among the best remedies there are compresses, yoga and specific creams. In this part of our face, the skin is very thin and does not have any sebum glands. Moreover, it has very thin capillaries which slow down the blood and lymph micro circulation, thus making the draining slower. This is why this is the first area where aging sign and tiredness appear.

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Our first advice is to avoid flying with your contact lenses on. Just wear you glasses, you feel better. Moreover, as soon as you arrive, you can make compresses with cold water.

Then, apply a highly moisturizing beauty product to reduce the tiredness. Remember to use a cream specific for the eye contour: it must reduce the water retention and refresh the area. The specific creams are more delicate, this is why it is better to use them in this sensitive zone.

In order to reduce the swelling, you can also try some face yoga: it’s easier than what you might think. Place three fingers below your eye and stretch the skin downwards. At the same time, close your eyes and keep this position for 5 seconds. Repeat for 10 times.

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