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Alcohol is more dangerous for women: how to recognize female alcoholism

Alcohol is more dangerous for women: how to recognize female alcoholism

Gender equality is a hot topic, but when it comes to alcohol there is a difference. Here’s what you need to know about female alcoholism.

The words female alcoholism may look sexist, but it is an actual phenomen we must acknowledge. First of all, we need to understand that alcoholics are addicted to drinks like wine, beer and spirits. It is easier to fall in temptation, as buying liquors is easy and cheap. Why are we talking about female alcoholism? Simply becaus women are more affected than men, for genetic reasons.

Female alcoholism: how to recognize it and what symptoms it has

First of all, let’s try and understand how to recognize this problem. You need to consider how much you drink every week and every day, counting the glasses.

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According to researchers, a woman cannot drink more than 1 or 2 glasses a day. If you drink more, it is difficult (or impossible) to manage, for genetic reasons. Men’s bodies contain more enzymes which can annihilate alcohol effects than women’s. This is the reason why women are more affected and we are talking about female alcoholism.

Among the consequences there are anxiety, depression, blackout, drowsiness, panic attacks and headaches. Moreover, liquors also affect the menstrual cycle, as they act on estrogens.

Female alcoholism causes

Why do women drink to much alcoholic drinks? It mostly depends on the modern society and the role women have in it. Happy hour with friends, dinner with colleagues and other social events are the reason when one glass more is allowed.

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However, a lot of women drink at home, alone. This affects especially older people, which suffer from loneliness, discomfort, habit, unhappiness and stress.

Alcoholism: how to overcome it and why it can be difficult

Sometimes, women who drink too much tend to hide the problem. Alcoholists usually do not admit they have an addiction, because they feel ashamed. Once you understand you might have a problem, you should resort to psychotherapy, which will help you understand the causes of this addiction. Moreover, joining the AA meetings is fundamental to acknowledge the addiction and help one another.

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