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Not only alcohol is bad for your health, but it also causes problems to your skin. Let’s fin out together why alcohol might ruin your skin!

Especially during the holidays, you can give in to alcoholic drinks. During a friend night out, a dinner with your colleagues or a family celebration, alcohol is almost always there. Moreover, people who like to drink this kind of drinks will enjoy one or two glasses. Everyone knows alcohol is not an ally of our health. Furthermore, its effects on the body are very well known. That’s not it: alcohol will also ruin your skin! One more reason to drink it in great moderation…

Alcohol is bad for your skin

Alcoholic drinks are not very good friends of your skin... here's why!
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Cocktails, white wine, beer, and all spirits have in common a particular characteristic that “ruins” the skin: their vasodilator effect. Consequently, the skin reddens more easily and dryes out almost completely, becoming very delicate and irritated.

Other than its short term effects, alcoholic drinks are bad for the skin also for another very important reason: it accelerates aging! Yes, spirits in particular increase the production of free radicals, which are responsible for skin aging.

These are the most harmful alcoholic drinks for your skin:

Mojito, because of the excess sugar, which causes skin inflammation; Margarita, that is very strong and full of sugar. It has mohito’s same effects. Tequila, Gin &Tonic and Vodka&Tonic also cause skin irritation and redness.

Beer is not among these, because it is the less alcoholic drink. Be careful, though, because it causes a lot of dehydration. Instead, red wine seems to have numerous benefits for our body

Photo source: https://pixabay.com/it/bevande-alcool-cocktail-alcoliche-2578446/

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